We rescue surplus food from businesses, supermarkets and farms. This food is nutritious, in date, and safe and includes a high proportion of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. If we did not rescue this food, it would be at risk of going to waste. Instead, we deliver it to charities, schools, food banks, community pantries and fridges and other organisations serving vulnerable people.

We delivered food for 2.4 million meals supporting 17,370 people a week at risk of food poverty. Food poverty is a huge and growing problem, and 13.4 million people including 4 million children in the UK live in households that struggle to afford to buy enough fruit, vegetables, fish and other healthy foods.

We have 2 warehouse depots in Brighton and Guildford serving the whole of Sussex & Surrey. We are lucky to be one of 35 Regional Centres, working as a network across the country with FareShare, a national charity.

Our new Surrey warehouse is set to open in spring 2024 and will enable us to receive more fresh, frozen, chilled and ambient food to be delivered across the region.

Our food is a vital lifeline for vulnerable people in our community. Children and families, people on low incomes, people who have lost their jobs, the homeless, refugees, domestic abuse survivors, the elderly and key workers all rely on our food.

and who gets your food?

We work with more than 153 community organisations and charities across Sussex & Surrey who provide food support in a variety of ways. This can be just food, food and advice or food in a residential setting.

Some organisations take canned and packaged goods, providing emergency food parcel provisions in the community, whereas others will use the food to prepare a meal which is then shared with their community alongside wraparound care such as advice and support.

Here are some of types of organisation we work with:

Using food delivered by FareShare Sussex & Surrey, these organisations prepare meals that are eaten in a communal setting, sometimes at a small fee or free of charge. They encourage social interaction whilst eating a healthy nutritious meal, as well as signposting other services with wraparound support. This might include advice on housing, benefits, children’s health or employment.

Working across Sussex and Surrey with: The Hop50, The Bevy, SHOUT Worthing, Henfield Haven, Real Junk Food Project

These organisations sometimes charge a very small nominal fee for food, £2 – £5 per bag of food. Community Fridges and Pantries are often used as a next step on from emergency food provision (Food Banks). They provide a more dignified setting by empowering their customers with choice as well as great value.  Users also comment that they like the fact they are preventing food waste.

Working across Sussex and Surrey with: Mid-Surrey Community Fridge, Seaside Community Pantry, Littlehampton Community Fridge

These organisations provide meals to residents while living within their accommodations. This might include a homeless shelter, women’s refuge, asylum seekers housing, rehabilitation service, respite care or supported accommodation.

Working across Sussex and Surrey with: YMCA Downslink, Stopover, Chailey Heritage, Amber Foundation

These organisations provide emergency food parcels free of charge. They are mostly accessed by referrals from social services or other support organisations. This food is most commonly tinned and dry goods.

Working across Sussex and Surrey with: Brighton Food Bank, Fitzjohn Foodbank, Karma Bank, Eastbourne Food Bank

I am an organisation who wants to receive food…