Thanks to the generosity of Rampion and the Sussex Community Foundation we now have a brand-new electric van.

You may have seen it out on the rounds already, but this van has joined our fleet helping us to continue providing food whilst reducing our carbon emissions. Last year our operational CO2 emissions were 54.5 tonnes and we are actively taking steps to reduce them by 30% by 2032. With the addition of this new vehicle, our operations are now 50% electric and 50% diesel run. The yearly mileage for an electric van is predicted to be around 12,000 miles per year, so with 3 electric vans we will be saving around 14,400kg of CO2.

Our volunteers are given specialist eco-driving training to ensure we can travel as efficiently as possible across the counties. The vans have a maximum distance of between 50-60miles meaning we can efficiently complete some of our local delivery rounds, but not stretch as far as Hastings or Guildford. It has the capacity to carry 850kg of food, which can provide approximately 2024 meals when fully loaded.

If you would like to sponsor an electric van and help us to become more sustainable with our operations, please get in touch with Clare Nice:

Rampion OffShore and Sussex Community Foundation


Want to drive one of our vans?

You can find out more on our volunteering pages