NIPPERS in Newhaven is an after school and holiday club for children living in East Sussex and has been running since 1973. Run by Pam and her team of staff and volunteers, it offers affordable, and often, free childcare for local families. 

“We encourage children to make the most of their play and leisure time. We don’t have technology here, we get them out playing and digging” Pam 

Operating 5 days a week, 51 weeks of the year they offer hot meals to children and give them the opportunity to get involved with food. From growing fruit and vegetables to making their own pizzas. 

“A lot of the children wouldn’t get this kind of food if they didn’t come here, some of the funded children will have a very basic diet” “Some of the children we work with are obese and we are trying to fix that. The food the children would choose to eat isn’t the food we promote them to eat. We encourage having something healthy to eat and even when we do have treat there is often hidden healthies like bananas in the flapjacks” 

Nippers ‘no technology’ approach is what makes it unique from other provisions in the area. They offer forest activities, crafts and a chance for children to engage with nature.

“I like them coming here because they do things here that I can’t do with them at home. They do stuff here that I would be petrified of doing, like making fires and collecting stuff. Pam and the team are just awesome.” Parent, Nippers

Nippers are part of our crowdfunding appeal, we are raising funds to help them get a new freezer. They want to start freezing fresh produce and create sauces from fresh ingredients, freezing them for use later. 

“Having a new freezer will enable us to have a wider variety of food, we can freeze down all the vegetables we grow. It would extend the range of food we can offer children, we might even be able to give them ice cream occasionally!”

NIPPERS are one of ten projects we are fundraising for,  you can help get them a new freezer by donating to our crowdfunder appeal.