what is fareshare go?

FareShare Go is a free scheme that provides charities and community groups with direct access to collect surplus food from local supermarkets and restaurants.

Our food partners include Tesco, ASDA, Waitrose, Booker, KFC and Nando’s. The food is good quality food that can no longer be sold for a variety of reasons, such as damaged packaging or a short-shelf life. It will always be within its use by date and is perfectly safe to eat.

There is a smaller quantity and variety of surplus food at this level, and FareShare Go isn’t designed to provide you with all your food needs. You may be able to collect fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery items or sometimes chilled items such as fresh chicken, dairy and ready meals.

Can my organisation collect food?

In order to collect food your organisation must demonstrate that you are fit to provide a safe food service to your users.

  1. You must register the food service with the Environmental Health Office (EHO)
  2. You must be equipped to safely receive, store, prepare and serve or redistribute food
  3. Staff or volunteers supervising food handling and preparation must hold a Level 2 or above Food Hygiene Certificate
  4. Staff and volunteers handling food must be trained to do so safely
  5. You must adhere to food safety legislation and current good practice Don’t worry, we can help you reach these standards if you are not quite there yet.

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